Otter Space 4.62.2021


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... Spilling Devours ...

A bunch of essay writing condensed to simplified verse because it's easy and quick and idk.

_Chrono Mutation
All art can do is reflect
hoping truth catches on
and what's not true doesn't
Provoking balance
from suffocation
Hexagram marriage
triangular opposites
stereo vision

_Hand of Humanity_
Knowing gravitates changes
Since anyone can create missiles
better work on relationships
Ego is selfish, death control
mainstream bottleneck
Diverse survival, birth restraint
seeing us through like nature
wanting invention

_Sucker Punch_
Manipulation dominates
framing out of context
provoking response
and sculpting evidence
editing conversation
And people want to believe
And through the goggles
of how they would think
Wanting an answer
we're programmable
Impressions here and there
eventually take effect
Lying turns everything
into a mistake

_Echoes Ov Bedlam_
force doesn't
teach understanding
trusting assumption
our conformity
relating comfort seeking
blame wanting
castling of mirages
wheel spokes rocking boats
to oblivion

Dollar and language
to enslave or empower
and forget nature
Treasure each other
ethereal firmament
singularity - our relationships
An ancient culture
more advanced

_Benefit of Doubt_
Looks can be deceiving
rhyming excluding reason
painting of pictures
a transmogrified canvas
disguising knowledge
Xenophobia, self preservation
preserving differences
Yet torturing survival
cliché language formula
inspiriting angst

_High Rise_
eroding community
Culture of treating
the symptoms for feeding
devouring takes all
Personal culling
them ugly duckling
that treacherous invention

_Ov Ying Yang_
Artificial energy
as absolute power
conflicting reality
constructed insanity
Breaking equations
room for interpretation
every problem
is a misunderstanding
Words digitizing
group animal autonomy
A need for variety
effectual hierarchy
Different systems
seeking ecology

_Goggles of True Sight_
Super seeing the possible
Effectively subtle just enough
Deviously keen to devise
Recognize that feeling of this
Sprinting upon solid ground

_Shield of Bravery_
You can't not hear what people say
Don't believe something impossible
for us to know
Don't let anyone
program or drive you crazy