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.Silent Stranger.
The coolness of air with warm winds
Looking down from a hill, baring witness
to the gargantuan, elephantine creatures of mist
lumbering as they explore and suffocate
the subconscious lights of the city at night
Surrounded by roaming humps of ocean
an explosion of stars emerge from a red sky
A different planet in the benevolent surf
silently revealing

twitch tick tick...
growing bones echo thick
mind raw and ready
taut and ready, steady
muscle taught

tick... tick... tock
risk, ready or not
sputtering twisted bliss
rhythmic whips slip
a groping grip

skeleton hand, grimace clock
designs in the sand
vernacular lock
where thoughts lie
tick tock, muscles die

.Opportunity in Motion.
cherish life to hear the whole story
let flow of your mind, learn from its body
from primal invention to conscious flight
through evil and good this product of sight
self is the cause of blind information
breeding our fate by vain expectation
a big dark room, look downstream
feeling what's real, pray, hope and dream
our shit on the fan why desert everything
in matter of fact, play, work and sing
once upon a time is actually happening
searching for light to make things right
solid ground seeking truth getting bright
with a canvas made by fluent math
all that you do creates a path

.Cradle Guard.
automaton prime, render us blind
feeding on the fine and fueling it with crime
do you think about our future
when you plan on your own time

automaton prime did you see our language die
do you know what's in our eyes, living such a lie
avoiding real solution
so a cradle guard can fly

automaton prime defining reason and rhyme
drawing every line and crafting every sign
spread this addiction in our infant information
captured our attention with cosmic valuation
spoiled our existence by extreme anticipation
neglecting all creation
symphonizing circulation
orchestrating automation

selfish is defined
more entangled through time
we're all in this together
our turn to face the weather
without breaks or rewinding
it takes all reminding
every day is today
making love

.Cosmic Horizon.
tone of stability - centrifugal gravity
this perfect storm mathematically

keep enough distance and watch it bleed
the skeletal noise and expanding feed
an infant caught by the needs of a hawk
our greed caught in the hands of a clock
fortunes seedlessly shooken from rock

romantic that laying in perfect rest
reminding the wisdom i often neglect
with a body bleeding itself to death
driftwood creates omnious respect

.Lobster Monster.
bothered by unrealistic surrender
a bloodthirsty phantasmic defender
engendering this cosmic doubt
a runaway train on a suicide route
why give up - when bound to find out

the insurmountable coercion of time
confirming this learning of nature
thrusted untappedly - this mortality
to swim with sharks and join brutality
and growing powerfully

eyes voracious by rapacious thought
bone and flesh by sand and rock
tears roll and rip and drop
no message sent not wickedly bent
by benevolent twist it stops
our resistance to evolving
addictions unresolving

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