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This is a collection of design documentation for video game ideas. Hopefully these games can focus on content and try to have a healthy sense of challenge while seeking to avoid any mindless psychology.

These are very rough drafts, btw.

Story - A small civilization living on a fantasy planet with a toxic atmosphere, forced to explore underground. Main theme that they evolved from an origin of mutating dinosaurs. Titans and monsters create obstacles to avoid carefully or defeat. Themes of kleptomania, finding treasure and navigating a deep world that contains prehistoric evidence of technology.

Game - Character builds and classes with platforming skills and maybe pets. Ocean simulation with vehicle system. Questing of sorts. Loot with random drops. Locker system for storing gear. Menu system that draws over display in light blue grays. Unique and key items are passed around, hunted for and fought over. A globe can show the location of other players (and warning message). Side view tile engine MUD with detailed pixel art.

Reference - Terraria, Legacy ofth Wizard, La Mulama, Environmental Station Alpha.

 Time Storm 
Story - Set in a universe climaxing in complexity and ruled by artificial intelligence. Company ships and rogues roam an interstellar society, endeavoring to understand the worlds and exploring dangerous, colossal constructs of unknown origin. Company and clan acquisition wars mask an underlining theme to find purpose through inner peace. Also, unconscious alien threats come out of the deep space. Playful UFO's might appear as well, to be loving or mischievous.

Game - Ships are like fish in a pond. They act as your character, and have a user picture to pair with communications. Large things threaten even cities at times. Items can help to escape when cornered, like cabled harpoons add movement. Customize and swap ships in garage spaces. Explore the passages of alien constructs to find secrets and new resources. Navigate city-like stations in space and planet atmospheres, maybe with hashed random seeds for planet surfaces. Top down vector engine MUD with rotating sprites. Black market has blind auction. Off ship areas play like point and click adventure?

Reference - Dark Orbit, Mutant Storm, Armada, Elite Dangerous.

  downloads |
 - maia_demo
 - maia_code
 - readme**
 - backup
Updated: 1/04/2015

Revenge of the physics.
Bugs fixed, including tons of new content.

Story - A fantasy universe with multiple planets, including a space simulation that can add planets with a coordinate key address. A few portals lead to alternate dimensions. Rifts link between random places. You never know where they lead or what might come out. The demo is a basic idea version with nothing balanced or fleshed out, so good luck if you play it. Watch out for giant fire drakes that dive into water, swim in your direction and then destroy you instantly.

Game - Areas should have more less open paths that contain the combat in different ways, with better description and detail. Include a locker system, safe rooms, and a food system for survival outside certain areas (maybe, or like towns are safe). The actual, entirely text based game would include more quests and mystery solving through examining detail. Preferably create a system of progress that’s based on learning.

Maybe - A Muted Castle Of Gray Rock - Surrounded by wolves (including an elusive wolf god), and full of red velvet tapestries and curtains with rooms that go maze-like deep into the castle in weird ways. In the basement there's an ancient green dragon chained up. Dark Heart guild area in a secret location. Include an empty arena. Gnaborax has some kind of offensive portal magic, and have a tiny earth colored mouse named Jeff.

  downloads |
 - ava_demo
 - ava_code
 - backup
Updated: 4/29/2015

Time becomes a loop.
Pixelated and modular 2.5D first person engine.

Story - An alternate universe to Maia (could even call it Gaia). Like in Maia the core game revolves around certain stories and themes, with additional content hosted and provided by other players. Like Maia the main game should have a bit of everything but heavy on retro fantasy. Maia might focus on the character and natural disaster more, like Rifts, while Avatar would maybe focus on gameplay and career, like Marathon.

Game - Maia creates a text character that can enter multiple copies of the same text environment, except this is a pixilated 2.5D raycaster version of a similar adventure. The demo is a test made with a software engine. It's too slow for floor casting. The actual MUD should have a virtual reality feel and somewhat pixelated graphics, with enough modern touch to be quality looking and feeling. VR goggles?

 Cryptic Plague 
Story - A seemingly endless underground world. Trees and rocks are secretly alive and grow clues to unlock depths of the planet. You start in an encampment with a tutorial. It teaches you to do certain things, but you can stop doing that and travel freely to discover the uncomfortable and naked universe. If you complete enlightening quests you're abducted by aliens and start over but with new tiers. RPG with a retro arcade look and medieval fantasy feel. Ruthless blind auction system in each town.

Game - Fluid movement but lock targets and zoom in on encounters with heartbeat combat. Creatures should feel like special encounters. A magic sword will randomly appear, offering a powerful weapon for a short time. Permadeath if you die. No classes except guilds, limited by how much you can learn. Portal system that connects to a fiery hell where evil things come from. Dark arcade look, top down tile engine.

Reference - Ultima, Realmz, Wizards and Warriors.

 Planet Eater 
Story - Graphical action based mud. Start in the city of Pleonexy which acts as a central point. Make it difficult to go from one area to another without passing through the Heart of Pleonexy. Areas cover a wide range of medieval fantasy with modern touches. Guild and clan system. Special rogue-like dungeons, generated minor quests, and a major quest list. "A shadow shall fall over the universe, and evil will grow in its path..." Themes of boiling pots, motivation and corruption.

Game - Locker system to store gear. Special items are unstoreable. A glowing green amulet makes one person super powerful and should be fought over. Tile based movement (and jumping), but mouse based aiming, even clicking to target. Player killing transfers unspent experience. Spend experience points to raise skills and stats but they become more expensive until nearly impossible to raise. Dying causes you to loose a percentage of stats, making it devastating at high levels to encourage playing within a sweet spot. Model similar to Realm ofth Mad God, with pets, stat potions, fame (or something) and loot, mixed with tile based EotL.

Type - Top Down: Action / RPG - Tiny pixel art tilemap look.
Reference - D&DO, EotL, Chess, Gauntlet, Desktop Dungeon.

Single Player Story Driven

 Deep Zone 
  downloads |
 - dz_demo
 - dz_code
 - backup
Updated: 12/21/2015

Demo for Deep Zone.
Engine test before more development.

Story - Sequel to Nintendo's Guardian Legend. Miria returns home to find that civilization has destroyed itself. Uniting had allowed evils to usurp manipulation, opening rifts to dimensions beyond reality. Greeted by a message to save herself, she dives into the planets sacred temples to defeat guardians and close the rifts. Left behind are surviving gynoids, the artificial people made by the humans for companionship. They adopt the planet to begin again. Themes of apocalypse and sexualized art. The demo is a rough test engine.

Game - Miria pilots a mech, and can also eject. Begin at the surface ruins and enter the deep world to find temples from which she can acquire different technology. Defeat a guardian of a rift, and abandon the mech to enter it, put into alien space with the ability to fly, to defeat a second boss and close the rift. The final deepest and uncharted area, containing the appolyon, Taraxippus, a monstrous goat-dragon-zombie who guards the 9th rift. You continue to fight while entering this rift. "Curse you for my jealousy. I will destroy the world to end my suffering, and nothing can escape the power of my revenge. Embrace the wrath you have earned for neglecting the importance of my existence, you miserable, selfish children!"

**Something to add: Geomancer: drill down (only works if not too deep, otherwise bounce), satellites on max (decoy). Carapace: siren, crab arm on max. Leaf: flame breath on max, flutter. Rock: Turn to stone, poison cloud on max. Bizarre: banish, wings on max. Guardian: crystal satellites on max (laser), plant healing tree. Apocalypse: goo ball satellites on max (stun), missile. Also one of Miria's abilities out of the mech should be to grow giant (this was in the demo but it got deleted unfortunately). Machs level up like Zelda 2.

Type - Side View: Platformer / Timer - Quality retro art.
Reference - Guardian Legend, Metroid, Blaster Master, Burari Fighter, Metal Storm.

Story - Set on a heavily mechanized world. Zephyr, a gynoid-like transferable intelligence, cannot cope with her violent programs, and after a painful struggle becomes defective. Haunted by old routines she periodically becomes mindless. Miria (after Deep Zone), comes to this world and meets Zephyr. Together they explore an approaching catastrophe. Gigantic titans of ancient technology are destroying resources like runaway trains with incompatible communication, while civilization is busy with complex programming. Heavy themes of control and brainwashing, such as the struggle to be yourself.

Game - Switch between Zephyr and Miria, or possibly have 2 player mode. Zephyr can transfer into different bodies, and Miria can transform. Flying shmup-like levels as well. Much of the game revolves around avoiding the militarized police controlled by the ancient technology. Miria and Zephyr are destroyed in the end, registered as defective, but the ancient machine begins to understand something about it.

Type - Top Down: Adventure / RPG - Quality tilemap.
Reference - Zelda-like, Final Fantasy 6/7, Rifts (books), Akira (anime), ZAS.

 Legacy Weapon 
Story - Play as a weredragon named Sophia, who normally appears as a girl with long blond hair. Game begins with her waking up from a nightmare, in the moss by a swamp, her home. Town people think she's weird. A shadow demon, Orose, is beginning to take over the world. As Sophia struggles to understand what her existence means, she becomes invested in defending towns from the demon's minions. Her stoic ability to fight emotionlessly promotes her career as a warrior. A giant, serpentine waterfall fae helps Sophia, and so does a few other faries in the forms of giant beasts. With the pendant, Sophia can become a chromatic dragon, a demon devourer. Evil minions: Orobas, Jawblex, Vorbola. Good faries: Sefirot, Nihphex, Baphomet. Have Belphegor guarding Orose, and mention Demiurge. Themes of being different discovering solutions, and how without desire, or fight, we would have no motivation.

Game - Navigate a top down map to enter areas that are side scrolling. At certain points Sophia will transform and become a very large, green dragon. Three difficult towers unlock the shadow demon's protective barrier. Five underground temples hold books that summon powerful weapons, boots (jump), gloves (climb), armor (stun immunity), a winged helmet (true sight) and a pendant (which is missing). The pendant causes a magical version of the wearer. Defeating temples also helps with leveling up.

Type - Side View: Adventure / RPG - Retro tilemap, Sword & Sorcery look.
Reference - Zelda 2, Sword & Sorcery, Princess Mononoke (anime).

Story - Play as a trained ninja named Anna (looks like Casca from Berserk), who is promoted with a ritual that gives her a demonic transformation. Finding out in this way that she has been evil, even before this, it inspires her to resist the corruption and embark on a quest to defeat the demons who had preverted her. Torn away from her training, she remains tortured by the echoing past, and seeks to cleanse her mind of the customs and violence in order to find her true self once again.

Game - Wall jumping and ninja techniques in a top down, tile based format. Wall climbing and moving on roof tops. Demonic berserking (maybe becomes a brown hairy wolf dragon). Vampire-like healing and magic. Meditation to menu and level or save. A lot of the game has to do with infiltrating castle-like fortresses and avoiding conflict. Focused on supernatural battles like Ninja Scroll.

Type - Top Down: Platformer / RTS - Diablo 2 look (not isometric).
Reference - Berserk (anime), Ninja Scroll (anime), Dark Souls, Metal Gear Solid.

 Muddy Apples 
Story - Based on the Appleseed manga. Deunan, Hairy, Zelda and Klaus, military heroes, discover too late a plot to rewrite history (tilting the light) to instigate war. While attempting to remedy the conflict they're framed as traitors (both sides are good) and forced to retreat to the enemy prison. Another plot to release super bacteria. Themes of information war, and also the anticipation of weapons, like having a gun around causes a desire to see it go off, like drama in movies causes a desire to see reality become dramatic. The modified bacteria escalates, killing off a majority of things and quickly mutating into dinosaurs, which become massive. The military tries to suppress a pandemonium of insatiable reptiles. The story ends with the group living like cavemen, reflective and at peace but unlikely to survive.

Game - Tactics and action, trying to focus on puzzle solving strategy. Like the graphic novels, have lots of war torn, abandoned, modern cities to traverse carefully, favouring night. Use of technology, including power suits. Mixed with slice of life story lines. The end game becomes a fight against verious, strong dinosaurs which are relentless. You have to find points of safety, such as well protected buildings, and attempt to reach a military base in the mountains.

Type - 2.5D: Action / RTS - 3D washed out comic book look.
Reference - Appleseed (books), Dark Souls, Metal Gear Solid.

Story - A mideavil fantasy world plagued by the monstrous effects of god-like beings, such as Cthulu, filling the world with fantastic beasts. Many towns have arenas, and careers to become champions. Side quests eventually lead you to discover that the arenas are a devise to desensitise the population while also creating subliminal fear and desire for protection, as an evil king (metaphor maybe for the tendency) hordes wealth and commands self-serving economic preformance. An angelic paladin named Sera is caught in the same adventure, you occasionally team up and the stories intertwine. Themes of becoming concious, thinking for yourself, and that everything counts.

Game - Dragon Warrior 3 type of character creation, with different builds for different classes. Fight monsters in arenas and dungeons. World map has sparse random encounters that are more situational. Can focus on building a career or following the quest line. End game can trigger apocolyptic demigod battles.

Type - Top Down: Turn Based / RPG - Retro tilemap, quality 8-bit.
Reference - Dragon Warrior, Lovecraft (books), Darkest Dungeon, Dark Souls.

Basic Single Player Games

Story - You're a dragon-like lizard monster trying to kidnap a princess. Princess maybe wants to be kidnapped (Mario spoof). Various levels end with a castle like Mario, guarded by a boss, except the pricess is rescued by soldiers befor you can reach her. Focus on platforming and strategy.

Game - Ghouls and Ghosts style Map with slight navigation choices. Jump on enemies. Bite attack eats items or causes effects. Hold to run and release to bite maybe. Gets big, horny and grows wings with powerups. Hybernate to change color, maybe in combination with item. Green (nothing): electric bite can stone petrify. Red (flower): spitfire, damage and speed bonus. Blue (mushroom): magic bubble, freeze bite or float. White (mouse): healing cloud, defense bonus. Black (spider or turned): auto summon skeletons, poison bite (can only change to gold from black). Gold (butterfly): teleport dash, flare and defense bonus.

Type - Side View: Platformer / Levels - Vibrant arcade tilemap look.
Reference - Mario, Sonic, Little Samson, Trip World, Gargoyals Quest.

 Stardust Misery 
Story - You're a soldier for an advanced race, tasked with finding solutions to a hostile maze. Themes of simulation theory and tempting the god, Fate, with danger. You begin to question existence and seek clues for the sake of understanding. Reading into things and getting paranoid, tower of babel theme. And if you don't know something it can be made to look like anything.

Game - Action platforming puzzle game. Progress through areas by defeating monsters and avoiding traps, navigating complex level design with precise movement techniques. Also use physic puzzles such as portals. Weapon systems are the tactical element. Harassed by an imp named Jeffery who wants you to fail. Some poltergeist stuff too maybe.

Type - Side View: Shooter / Levels - Modern retro arcade look.
Reference - Hero Core, Tron, Meatboy, Wings of Vi, Abuse, Slime (?), Cave Story.

 Mutant Pinball 
Story - An open world pinball game, set in an organic, monster-like environment full of puzzles and traps. A mysterious essense of a story can be articulated through the game, showing the ball as a character and the world as a metaphor.

Game - Unlock areas to progress and even fight boss monsters in pinball style arenas. Powerups can give your ball a tactical approach, and quests can evolve from area configurations and score goals. Have safe areas where you can make decisions and check items.

Type - Pinball: Adventure / RTS - Quality organic art look.
Reference - Anything alien or lovecraftian, Space Cadet Pb, Dragon's Keep Pb, Pb Quest.

 Mega Man Entropy 
Story - A classic Mega Man game with many levels and a huge fortress to defeat. Dr. Wily has uploaded his intelligence into the Ghost Machine to control a network of robot masters. Using the technology to make himself smarter it has increased his insanity, infecting the network and causing the breakdown of all robots, including Mega Man. Themes of limits and the nessessity of change.

Game - Playable characters: Mega Man, Bass Man, Tighty Whitey, Grimalkin Girl, Mega Maid, Squidvark, Knightbot. Robot masters: Plant Man (jungle), Steam Girl (sand), Mouse Man (woods) - mice explode, Cosmic Girl (space), Ring Man (air), Splash Girl (ocean), Hornet Man (mountain), Sheep Man (hills), Dragon Girl (snow), Shadow Man (lava). Second wave: Chain Man (factory), Splinter Man (trash), Toad Man (swamp), Bone Girl (grave). Final Fortress: Cement Monster (giant), Carapace Dragon (lobster), Inferno Man (base), Glacier Man (base), Corrupt Dragon (poison), Shark Machine, Clock Machine, Ghost Machine. Balloon and Torpedo, or Dog and Bird.

Type - Side View: Platformer / Levels - Retro tilemap arcade look.
Reference - Mega Man.

 Omega Warrior 
Story - Character selection from various platforming games, each with a storyline involing the Loc-Nar. They are transported to an alternate dimension and forced to defeat rogue-like platforming levels to obtain the Loc-Nar, with alternate endings depending on how the game was completed, either being corrupted or finding a way to understand and break free. Path of least resistence, taking the easy way out theme.

Game - Playable characters: Jin Saotome (mega man clone and mechs), Miria (transforms and mechs), Shantae (genie with animal transforms), Arthur (knight who controls magic weapons), Volgar / Rygar (barbarian with super strength), Kaho (priest with magic spells), Morrigan / Lilith (vampire with shadow magic), Jack-o (weird angel thing), "Captain" Kronos (castlevania whips and dagger), Strider / Ryu (ki magic like lovecraft summons), Vi (half demon / angel monster), Kirby (brown plant dragon, fly like gargoyal). Characters should cover a wide range of platforming techniques.

Type - Side View: Platformer / Levels - Quality tilemap look.
Reference - Mega Man, Shantae, Volgarr, etc.

 Mission Universe 
Story - Similar to books such as Gulliver of Mars, which depict a headstrong captain-like character lost in fantastic interplanetary adventure. Ruined cities, forsaken peoples, copper-skinned swordsmen, a giant cyclopic allagator monster that pours out its tongue in a pile to crush and eat people like ants, ancient rocketships, castles of ice, jungles of certain death, weird and awesome monsters, alien princesses, insect civilizations, floating battleships, and the fate of the universe. Don't forget your sarcasm.

Game - Point and click style game with interactive scenes. Space simulator lets you hail or attack other ships. Mix of graphical and text based. Multiplayer would be neat except it would ruin the immersion with storelines and dialogue.

Type - Static: Adventure / RPG - Retro science fiction look.
Reference - Gullivar of Mars (book), Shadowgate, Myst, Star Control, Redline (anime).

Peer to Peer or Lobby Driven

 Stun Hunter 
Story - A community of intergalactic racing. Outside of races is a vague point and click style navigation and map system. Advance your career and develop relationships. Travel to alien planets and customize your racing machine. Some story modes, like undercover cop, runaway, or vendetta. Based heavily on the anime Redline.

Game - An evolving storyline such as Mass Effect. Travel and enter races. Different types of races can include exotic animals. Build and maintain your custom racing machine, breed or tame animals. Also can place bets or participate in alternative games, gambling or city attractions.

Type - 2.5D: Racing / Career - 3D gritty science fiction look.
Reference - Redline (anime), Punch Club, Mass Effect, Crash N Burn, Blade Runner.

 Fatality Quest 
Story - Build towns and recruit heroes. Explore the world, develop relationships or defeat others. Unlock technology in a quest to ultimately cast the master spell. Deep within the planet caves find monstrous creatures and hidden relics. You're also challenged by a pure evil, such as Lord of the Rings, who've taken over part of the map, but are rooted in the deepest underground.

Game - Select a race and types of magic to begin with. You begin as the leader of a small town, which you can develop or abandon. As you recruit heroes or summon monsters they evolve with experience. The more towers you control the more power you gain. If you take over the world you win but without a good ending since you've destroyed everything else. Active time or wait mode.

Type - Top Down: Turn Based / Sim - Vibrant arcade, Sword & Sorcery look.
Reference - Master of Magic, Master of Monsters, Realmz.

 Alien Arena 
Story - A basic fighter game. Various creatures have been abducted by aliens, and placed together experimentally to fight for life. If you defeat every other person and creature you are rewarded, sort of, being hooked up to a machine that keeps you alive forever while running through virtual reality simulations of continuous experimentation.

Game - Select from many different alien people and creatures, each with a unique technique and effects. Arenas can be large and involve platforming or hazards, zooming in when the players are near enough to each other. Different modes can offer items during a fight, or alternative goals to win, or even a tag system (morph maybe).

Type - Side View: Fighter / Levels - Quality sprite, Sword & Sorcery look.
Reference - Tekken, Meatboy, Guilty Gear.

 Hour of the Horde 
Story - A basic shooter game. Takes place in a futuristic version of Maia. The universe is under attack by self-replicating, semi-biological machines. Fight your way to defeat the boss ships that control the swarms, discovering bizarre and fantastic opponents. Enter deep space to locate the floodbringer homeworld and try to destroy the infection at its source.

Game - Navigate autoscrolling levels with dual stick movement and shooting. Use special weapons carefully to conserve them. Aquire alien powerups for alternative tactics, and swap between modes to take advantage of different systems.

Type - Top Down: Shooter / Levels - Quality modern arcade look.
Reference - Mutant Storm, Gradius, Lifeforce, Steam Hearts, Silpheed, ZAS.

Story - Play as a prehistoric fantasy creature and try to survive. Jungles, forests, deserts, valleys, volcanos and oceans swarm with ravanous teeth as some of the most rudimentary and vicious appetites compete.

Game - Combat should take a very careful approach, since a wounded animal is an easy target. Different creatures have different rituals to grow and live, but focus on fight or flight. If you've completed enough your character grows old and evolves spiritually.

Type - Top Down: Fighter / Survival - Vibrant art isometric look.
Reference - The Isle, Grand Theft Auto, Samurai Shodown.

Story - Play as the civilization of a planet, trying to destroy the civilizations of other planets. Each race has a unique characteristic, like being aquatic, insectoid, feathered, demonic or artificial, each with their own breed of technology. There's also a planet of dinosaurs, which cannot invade, but is the most difficult and brutal.

Game - Control the invasion in real time. Apply tasks for the computer to carry out or control a unit yourself. To some degree it plays out like a tower defense game, but try to make action very fighter game like. The match is over when one side is conquered one way or another.

Type - Side View - Fighter / RTS - Quality arcade tilemap look.
Reference - League of Legends, Broforce, Strider, Metal Slug.

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