Multimedia Experimentation

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Current project for Tornado Lobster
Omega Warrior
Design and Demo

Here's some unfinished random projects you can download, including source code for Director.

  downloads |
 - ava_demo
 - ava_code
 - backup
Updated: 4/29/2015
A first person shooter in 2.5d with pixelated graphics. Full of weapons, vehicles and water.

  downloads |
 - maia_demo
 - maia_code
 - readme**
 - backup
Updated: 1/04/2015
A text based game that includes a lot of content. Multiplayer works with a network. Try to stay alive and explore.

  downloads |
 - dz_demo
 - dz_code
 - backup
Updated: 12/21/2015
A side view platform game that uses bitmap collision detection. Trying out music with an internet playlist.