Multimedia Experimentation

A few projects in progress,
trying to build engines for
web broswer api and html5.

These are very rough drafts
to flesh out some ideas for
hobbyist multimedia games.

Otter Space Applications is a retro artistic software company startup.
Development Document *
MajorUpdate: 12/21/2015 _____[ video ]_
A text based interface and world editor for exploring user created adventures with the same character and foundation for progress mechanics. There's a default world to explore, with plans of either subscription hosting for user generated content, or torrenting.

MajorUpdate: 12/21/2015
Pixelated 2.5d raycasting engine of tilemap areas. Redesigning for layered map heights, sloped blocks or some kind of vertical depth. Trying to keep the zone editor simplified with a variety of 2d sprite styles to promote a focus on pixel art and user created content.

Omega Warrior
MajorUpdate: 12/21/2015
Action RPG of rogue-like exploration and hazard platforming, with torch light, night and day, atmosphere and elemental effects. Unlock and combine abilities and equipment to effect randomly seeded world runs that expand a progression of world change.

Deep Zone
MajorUpdate: 12/21/2015
A side view platform game that uses bitmap collision detection. Trying out music with an internet playlist. Similar to Blaster Master, combining robots with weapon systems on top of the playable character. Story of compainion bots surviving a downfall of humanity.

Unfinished projects and very rough drafts, only for Windows PC.