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The Brain Of My Existence

People are nuts, it’s terrifying. If you’re reading this, just wanted to warn you. I can’t think verbally and need a process of trying stuff out to read with fresh eyes after forgetting. I’m just collecting thoughts visually, trying to paint a picture to work with reality. Nature knows a process of letting things evolve and sculpting slowly. Existence is everywhere, free, analogue and accurate to learn from. How can people hate other people so much? It sucks that we hold each other to our passing experiments, so hungry for information. We’re all going through the same thing. Music is wonderful and language is technology. To each is their own.

Chatters of definition chew tides of adaptability. It's been a nebulous gamble unresolving to seek the information of that relationship, wanting a horizon to work with. A communication barrier unable to rely on multiple possibility.

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