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The Brain Of My Existence

People are nuts, it’s terrifying. If you’re reading this, just wanted to warn you. I can’t think verbally and need a process of trying stuff out to read with fresh eyes after forgetting. Nature knows a process of letting things evolve slowly. Existence is everywhere, analogue and free to learn from.

How can people hate people so much? That we hold each other to our passing experiments, so hungry for information. We’re all going through the same thing. Music is wonderful and language is technology. To each is their own.

Chatters of labeling definition chew tides of adaptability. It's been a nebulous gamble unresolving to seek the information of that relationship, wanting a horizon to work with. A communication barrier unable to rely on multiple possibility.

Finding balance is the ying and yang to everything. The more you control something the less it can make the best of itself and the more it is a repitition of that control. What is this force attempting to suffocate our evolution, this imbalance which refuses to be challenged, unnecessarily hording addictively and aggressively. We wouldn't be here without it, but it's the only one playing a game that doesn't make sense now.

We should forgive each other for seeming like jerks sometimes, trying to survive, and roll with the punches, appreciating the complex environment and nature we face together.

Everyone does this, because you know what you’re talking about it seems like the words are enough to paint a picture other people can see. But turn off the lights and it’s just black and white. I’ve resorted to letting my website evolve because I have to forget in order to actually read how ineffective something I’ve written is.

This Dyslexia is a tower of babel. Like philosophy and politics is almost the same thing yet different languages. We want similar things but struggle to communicate, especially without slowing down or asking questions at different angles to participate in order to understand what an idea even looks like, to become a victim of assumption.

Wanting a variety of solution and expanding thought in order to survive the unpredictability of our existence we have to be different. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Without struggle, mutation, ego and fight nature would not have been able to create us, yet the means by which it can dominate now is very unnatural. They say money is the root of all evil because it’s an insanity to absolutely believe in something that isn’t real and evil is the blind evolution that comes from the automatic root of our animal.

Such as clandestine infiltration or inheritance and an ownership trying to rule a slave machine that dumbs down and controls everything. It's like a tower of social technology confusing humanity as a garden, or something. I don’t know.

The opposite of sharing is ownership, but money is artificial ownership, so what's the opposite of money? Is it a ying without a yang, that we have created besides nature?

Perhaps nature is trying to fix itself by destroying us in fractal-like ways as we've neglected balance. Things degrade unless they can change, to build something strong within that, tested by change, time and truth.

Manipulation is another weapon so the bottom line remains intent. Abuse of power comes as no surprise but taking responsibility is about growing up. The kind of person who would force their way on someone else is our animal throwing a tantrum, pulling the trigger for no good reason. Irrational ego misunderstanding and failing to appreciate a universe of relationships.

Immature animals indulging ego, throwing tantrums and hurting other people. Maybe someday you'll grow up so we can create something more than a cesspool of slavery and narssisim.

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