Heart of Eternal 10.26.2017
Advanced cultures get the most from relationships. Here we are, and all we have is each other. Technology is used to enslave rather than empower.


Game Dev.
Planet Eater

Poem for Politics

Conquering ourselves, can we resolve this systemic invention of sugar and consumption of violence, instilling our subconscious want for protection and poisoning us mentally? Can we modernize to keep money from ruling our decisions? Not basing life on life is going to conflict with reality.

Equations need balance like liberty and democracy. Please save this environment and nurture our differences. Security is found in friendship, enlightening us with the most authentic connection.

. . . .
We're custodians of our humanity, and the future is depending on us to be more than our animal: to grow and put mind over matter, understand and even surpass these very alienated addictions.