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Everything Counts

Teeth, hunger, and an evolving sensory system that establishes psychology. How have we found ourselves in that? Like a ghost in a machine, people are capable of being more than the physical world, it's phenomenal.

Luke Skywalker demonstrated by championing the goodness in his father, encouraging growth instead of magnifying a sensation of conflict. Gandhi said and eye for an eye and the whole world will go blind because we're teaching each other to use threats and corruption to solve problems.

Living Inside A Box

Nature doesn't glorify your existence. But we have a society which continuously points at us with recognition. Our sense of self is being stimulated all the time. We are alienated, estranged from our community, lending us to feelings of survival and narcissism.

And so much is stolen from us in that desperation to keep everything we've been made so absolutely to think that we need. Overfilled we have no capacity to comprehend our loss, our true self. We are programmed by the products of our own artificial mindlessness.

Consider how owning something means you have to remember it, even worry about it. If you didn't have a place to live, would that be terrifying? Without possessions you find out how accessible life really is. All over the world people have the same needs, and a desire to socialize. It's an opportunity to stop being afraid of it and of each other.

Why hate the homeless? Anything different shatters the illusion of a perfect world really, seeing perfection naturally as a reflection of our own ideas. Alienation in our society, from things such as entertainment psychology, or being different, or just bad luck create homeless situations. But it can be a spiritually vibrant life as well. Custom and nationality give us ways which we can relate to each other. An adopted language that makes our relationships more comfortable. But we also fear and alienate things that are different, and we scrutinize each other. Pure liberty is seeking to build a machine out of the world because of money. Instead of us being true to ourselves.

There's responsibility implied in being a caretaker, and sheer truth in returning it to the future as we borrow existence. Our lives are organic, and everything counts.

You can understand why sleeping in the dunes isn't okay, because those dunes would be full of our criminals and littered with trash. But if it were okay wouldn't we not be creating that desperation, and possibly fostering a greater respect for nature? A functional world could possibly be that compromise between technology and nature, when nature becomes part of life again and not just technology.

To be uncomfortable in the naked universe, under an explosion of stars, alone with the presence of astronomical intelligence is mentally invigorating. We're taught to be afraid of not having anything, phobic to insecurity, and the weaker we become the more we succumb: another brick in the wall, a fortress of addiction.

And living outside is exercising. Depth perception is mind expanding, and so is being enveloped by a living, breathing environment. Compare that to living inside a box where everything around you is dead. It must be affecting.

Thorns upon Roses

People are animals deeply, and fighting is part of us. But we don't want to fight each other: our neighbors, goodness, or wisdom. People want to fight for survival: the universe, the unknown, the misunderstanding.

Such as artificial energy, an organism of money conflicting with reality, developing our greed and granting unlimited power. We want to fight this addiction, that which is governing the progress of our humanity, and put it back on a foundation based in reality.

Truly, insanity is believing in things that are not real, and how that conflicts with a world that is real.

Coherent understandings of everyone create a humanity of formidable wisdom. Not led by dogma or private motivations, and not a social machinery of deception, but openly tested truth. What we want is freedom.

. . . .

The glorification of action and terror: progressing a strategy to engender the violence to create the excuse to have control, which is thriving off a lack of real education and social programming. It doesn't want independent communities and free education; It wants to control the information and indoctrinate us into a dubious view of reality, conditioning people into a slave machine that supports a greed driven authority.

A prehistoric hunger for power has infiltrated our most important decisions, and it has an entire human history of psychological experimentation to draw its manipulation from. Why can't we have different systems for appropriate things? Why does money have to make all the decisions?

We hate each other because racism came from nature, because animals are so different, it was a survival instinct. It manifested strangely because our humanity became so introverted. Our love and true selfism is severely depressed, with the absolute power of money evoking irresistible marketing, dumbing us down as people seek shelter in that conformity.

We become afraid of each other, and can see that fear in others as if it were hostility. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

We can't even talk, only looking for hate. We're killing each other. People fix this by understanding it. Don't let anything ruin your enjoyment or self respect, and set an example by treating the universe with appreciation.

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The following poems are old and could use some reworking.
Keeping them around in case that ever happens.

the cloak and dagger
verbal self preservation
creates enemies

painting a picture doesn't change the canvas

Fix your relationship with the universe
And choose to make this a good experience
Instead of hurting yourself in so many ways
Nested in a nest of hurtful things or people
Like sugar and drugs harming your body and soul
Like when surrounded by moss and not moving
Like a tired death

"on we sweep with threshing oar"
light from our love escaping the shore
sustaining a future creates much more
wish luck to us all
that we open the door

Silent Stranger

The coolness of air with warm winds
Looking down from a hill, baring witness
to the gargantuan, elephantine creatures of mist
lumbering as they explore and suffocate
the subconscious lights of the city at night

Surrounded by roaming humps of ocean
under an explosion of stars from a red sky
It's a different planet in the benevolent surf
drifting with bioluminescent flickers
quietly revealing beauty


this burning grip twists
twitch tick tick...
growing bones echo thick
mind raw and ready
muscle taut and ready, steady
muscle taught

twitch tick tick
twitch tick... tick... tock
tick tock, muscle taught
ready or not
a raw grip of twisted bliss
the rhythmic whips slip

twitch tick, designs in sand
where thoughts lie
clenching grip, skeleton hand
tick tock, muscles die

Opportunity in Motion

cherish the life to hear the whole story
let flow of your mind and learn from its body
ego is causing us blind information
breeding our fate by vain expectation
from primal invention to conscious flight
through evil and good this product of sight
a big dark room, look downstream
feeling what's real, pray, hope and dream
in matter of fact, play, work and sing
once upon a time this is happening
with our shit on the fan why risk everything
searching for light to make things right
good reason is seeking truth over might
with a canvas made by fluent math
all that you do creates a path

Cradle Guard

automaton prime, render us blind
feeding on the fine and fueling it with crime
do you think about our future
when you plan on your own time

automaton prime did you see our language die
do you know what's in our eyes, living such a lie
avoiding real solution
so a cradle guard can fly

automaton prime defining reason and rhyme
drawing every line and crafting every sign
spread this addiction in our infant information
captured our attention with cosmic valuation
spoiled our existence by extreme anticipation
neglecting all creation
symphonizing circulation
orchestrating automation

selfish is defined
more entangled through time
we're all in this together
our turn to face the weather
without breaks or rewinding
it takes all reminding

every day is today
making love

Cosmic Horizon

a tone of stability - tactical gravity
the perfect storm mathematically

keep enough distance and watch it bleed
the skeletal noise and expanding feed
an infant caught by the needs of a hawk
our greed caught in the hands of a clock
fortunes seedlessly shooken from rock

romantic that laying in perfect rest
reminding the wisdom i often neglect
with a body bleeding itself to death
driftwood creates omnious respect

Lobster Monster

bothered by unrealistic surrender
a bloodthirsty phantasmic defender
engendering this cosmic doubt
a runaway train on a suicide route
why give up - when bound to find out

the insurmountable coercion of time
confirming this wisdom of nature
thrusted untappedly - this mortality
to swim with sharks and join brutality
and growing powerfully

eyes voracious by rapacious thought
bone and flesh by sand and rock
a tear rolls and rips and drops
no message is sent not wickedly bent
by benevolent twist it stops


Good things take effort, which can be slow, powerless, and exhausting, but in the end, all of it amounts to something. Evil seeks the easy, most effective way out. Evil will even break reality to get what it wants, and perversions of nature conflict for analogue reasons.

A difference between fear and love exemplifies it. If you bully or manipulate someone they'll do what you want, but they'll never appreciate it, unlike a relationship grounded in friendship. People will care for, defend and risk their lives for something they love and can trust.

The idea that love can lose its appreciation, like happiness having no context without sadness, is forgetting that reality is astronomical. Unlike dealing in absolutes, a foundation based on love is not without the pain of existence.

Letting whatever may happen actually happen is avoiding the effort, the easy way out. We're challenged by addiction because chaos is objective, and our most profound waste of the universe would be failing to embrace it.

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