dated: 12.7.21
Jim didn't even wait for a paycheck. Nobody was there when the cop made me leave, not even my cat. Why is nothing wrong with his face if I punched him over and over? The court paused but proceeded and I actually never saw that house again. Told they found another home for Tananda, so no reason to go there. I'm guessing something with a stunt double, because that's been the theme now. If they did something then it's making me think of pork belly burgers and cottage cheese oysters at sea venture, after the Wolf Creek stuff and handshake, in light of other things now. That's why they said things about skinning a cat? I think my best friend was the same guy, all over my life, involved in my CD binder of backups being stolen and still here showing up for otterapps. Also that hour wait when I snuck to santa Maria for a SLO doctor to finger my butt, same thing happened at Jon's by myself in a bored, perverted state.

dated: 5.4.22
Gal by wawas might actually be angela. She acted like her acting, or someome acting like her, or an actual, insecure version of her, if they erased her memery and made her someone else to manipulate.

They say that voodoo lady is acting ornery, like someone familiar.

That wound up angsty rant waiting for library. Every time i stopped talking they ghost dicked again.

That guy on the computer to my left 5/3 was old news. Told me then something weird about buying a badass car with the money he would make. I think they brought him back for covid. I had the art for pterasaur pulled up for no other reason.

Seemed obvious those pics are messed up but suddenly im not feeling 100% sure. Sleep dept and mind fuck maybe. I made my bluery original high deffish, and now that tip of the tusk is worse and so is the snow under it, even in the 3000 version. Took the 3000 res again and scaled it to 600. Doesn't match. Whatever happened to it was intensified by the scale algorythm and it should have been exactly the same.

Mlk library fanessed with familiars and disabled manual feed on printer. Keep hearing about slo.

Mind block now trying to remember thing i was going to add to the change for wedsite. Had to walk a block and remembered.

Bombarding evidense or just a physical thing. Like, i dont know about this language of dishonesty, but look at whats there. Even that movie Get Out is like setting up the emporer and darth vader.

Im not being harassed right now. Wish i could apologize. Boiled in bad words that dont take everything into account and desperate to force solutions. I said sharing opens all doors a long time ago and suddenly i feel murdered by that. I didnt mean instead of anything. Thank you for understanding that, it feels like. Ive been saying things to people i dont even know left and right and its fucked up.

"They say" as if that was that person, during all this misdirection intention.

Turning the volume of audio up will only break your ears. An analogue thing besides extremes is kind of unlimited, and forgetting something can always be found again. I feel like the universe is fundamental and more at the same time.