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Heart of Eternal

2001 - 1/20/2016
Thorns and Roses

In the first dimension everything occupies the same space.

. . .

People are animals deeply, and fighting is part of us. But we don't want to fight each other: our neighbors, goodness, or wisdom. People want to fight for survival: the universe, the unknown, the misunderstanding. We want to fight that monster, evil.

Such as artificial energy, an organism of money developing the worst parts of people and giving them too much power. We want to fight this addiction, that which is governing the progress of our humanity, and put it back on a foundation based in reality.

We want a system of formidable wisdom, a humanity made from the most coherent and best understandings of everyone. We should not be led by the dogma or secret motivation of any person, but by an openly tested truth. What we want is freedom.

. . .

There is a finely tuned machine purely for the sake of addiction to power: the glorification of action, the alcohol and the terror: progressing a strategy to engender the violence to create the excuse to have control, which is thriving off the lack of real education, just say no reverse psychology and social programming.

Instead of dealing with problems the right way, we're going to procrastinate under a razor wing in denial. But people cannot change a tide by their individual power. Such as microbiology responding to natural impulses, change must come from our environment in order to affect the mass.

We need a healthy government. Life is already difficult without perverting our evolution with human farming, or sacrificing our future for pleasures of power and profit. A monster has infiltrated our most important decisions, and it has an entire human history of psychological experimentation to draw its manipulation from.

But this monster also has an aversion to the truth. Understanding can be mislead, but the truth will always be there to pass every test, and evil will always be evident. Please, rage against the abduction of our light. Don't ever give up this fight.